Products Available


POLYLINE 100 + 100A Our Polyline 100 formulation range is designed for dry or short term wet applications requiring high cut and tear properties, but must also retain good rebound resilience. Currently used in:

  • Sheeting and impact pad range
  • Brick grabs
  • Scrapers
  • Conveyor skirts
  • Rope guides
  • Screens
  • Cyclone components, etc.

POLYLINE 200 + 200A Our Polyline 200 formulation is designed for long-term wet applications requiring excellent abrasion and hydrolysis resistance with good dynamic properties. Our Polyline 200 formulation is used in making our Polyline range of pipes and fittings used in low pressure, high abrasion applications where they can be cut to size and glued together. It is also ideally suited:

  • Pumping
  • Flotation
  • Slurry valve applications.

Polyline sheeting is easily bonded or bolted into place and offers excellent abrasion resistance with a low co-efficient of friction. Polyline impact pads provide good impact and abrasion resistance coupled to low noise generation. These can be manufactured with predrilled backing plates or stud welded bolts. The ‘A’ derivative involves an additive that improves abrasion resistance and decreases the coefficient of friction.


UMP Redline products have been used in the lining of pipes for over 20 years. UMP is also the only company to have successfully developed a method of lining bends through a process of multi axis rotational casting. It is well proven throughout the world that urethane provides excellent abrasion resistance in slurry transport systems. Redline has an excellent track record of performance and to date over 160 km’s of Redline lined pipes have been installed on various mines in Southern Africa. We have also conducted extensive independent laboratory testing and on site in situ tests to determine and improve the properties of Redline. [Test reports available.] Up to 10 times better than HDPE and 6 times better than rubber. In today’s competitive environment being financially efficient is often the difference between profits or mine closure. Redline provides the answer to financially efficient pipeline design, with returns realised in many cases within a 5 years period and pipelines often lasting in excess of 10 years. Other advantages are:

  • Good Chemical Resistance, suitable for most mining applications.
  • Low co-efficient of friction even after some wear [150 Hazen Williams – Clear Water].
  • Monolithic lining.
  • Good impact resistance does not shatter or crack.
  • Excellent cut and tear resistance
  • Not effected by contraction or expansion from temperature variances
  • Not effected by water hammer
  • Hydrolytically stable

Ideal applications: Mining

  • Process plant mill and flotation reticulation.
  • Tailings disposal lines
  • Pipe and box launders
  • Cyclone underflow pipes

Power Generation Plants

  • Wet ash disposal lines

Sand or Gravel Washing Plants Pulp, Paper and Sugar mills